Show Us Your Rig: The Deer God's Josh Presseisen

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Show us your rig

Each week on Show Us Your Rig, we feature PC gaming's best and brightest as they show us the systems they use to work and play.

Josh Presseisen, Founder of Crescent Moon Games and Creative Director of The Deer God, is in a position I was in not too long ago. Gaming laptops offer a lot of power in a convenient package, but when something goes wrong it is near impossible to troubleshoot. Still, games have to get made and deers gotta get jumping. Josh was kind enough to rush deliver his Show Us Your Rig to us so we wouldn't miss this week's entry. He told us about his computer troubles and why he loves classic sidescrollers—a fact that shows up loud and clear in his work.

What's in your PC?

  • Alienware Mx17 laptop
  • Anker Omron Micro gaming mouse

Show Us Your Rig Josh Presseisen 1

What's the most interesting/unique part of your setup?

That the graphics card doesn't work—it's using the on board Intel graphics as a backup currently and it's horrible, although pretty good for testing as a lowest common denominator. For some reason at some point the graphics card (Nvidia) just died, and I haven't had time to send it back recently. It's already been in the shop twice for other things.

I do have my eye on that new Alienware Area 51 desktop despite my issues with this laptop... That thing looks badass.

What's always within arm's reach on your desk?

Oculus Rift—I have been enjoying messing around with the dev kits. I hope to build some stuff for it some day.

The Deer God by Crescent Moon Studios

The Deer God by Crescent Moon Games

What are you playing right now?

I find lately I've been playing more mobile games as I haven't been able to get any real gaming done on this horrible setup. The one game I've been able to play recently that still runs pretty well is Counter-Strike 1.6—never get sick of that game. Hope to do more gaming once I finally switch over to another computer (hopefully an Area 51).

What's your favorite game and why?

Favorite game of all time is still Metroid on NES. Doesn't hold your hand, is such a spooky game all of the way til the end. I remember sweating profusely when I finally made it to the Mother Brain. That era of Nintendo when Zelda, Super Mario, Kid Icarus, and Metroid were going on is just legendary.

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