How to get Shenmue 3 gambling tokens, and risk it all

shenmue 3 tokens exchange
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What's the deal with Shenmue 3 tokens? Early on in the game you need some tokens to play with one of the bookies, which leads to more information about the thugs Ryo is chasing. So this is an essential thing to know about to progress the main narrative, but it's also a great way to help you pass the time in Shenmue's slower, more relaxed moments. Y'know, ones that don't involve angry thugs.

If you've stumbled on this guide looking for the tokens specific to the Shenmue 3 Bell Tower puzzle, you're in the wrong place. They are completely separate to the prize tokens with which you can gamble, so keep an eye out for a guide on those in due course.

But how do you get this special currency? And how do you turn them into real in-game money? Here's everything you need to know about Shenmue 3 tokens.

How to get Shenmue 3 tokens

When you head into Joy Park for the first time, the bookie will stop you and tell you that you need tokens to play any of the games in the park. Once the conversation is over, you can buy tokens from him and lose yourself in the weird and wonderful world of Shenmue minigames. One of them even lets you race turtles. Such gambling minigames are not to be confused with the Shenmue 3 hide and seek challenge, another activity you must complete to forward the main story.

It costs 10 Yuan for 100 tokens, 100 for 1,000, and so on. The average bet for a game is 50 tokens and you can increase the bet in increments of 50. In other words, it’s best to buy the 1,000 tokens at a time.

Tokens are used to play the gambling games within Joy Park and around the village. Each game gives you a chance to get more, or lose them all. Prize tokens are used as both the currency and payout for winning, so if you're really flush with cash, you could just buy enough of them to trade for prizes instead of gambling. Talk about pay to win, eh? 

Gambling provides more risk for more reward, however: if you find yourself on a hot streak you can make a lot of tokens (and Shenmue 3 money) quickly… but you can just as easily lose it all and end up destitute.

Where is the Shenmue 3 token exchange?

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Tokens can be traded in at the Prize Exchange in Panda Market. From the Village Square, head past the Bell Tower and you can't miss it. You won’t be able to visit the location right away, so progress the main story until it's accessible. The items for which you can exchange tokens include food, clothes, and even skill books.

You can also trade in tokens for items and sell them at the Pawn Shop, right next to the Prize Exchange. This can be a decent way to make some money, provided the amount you spent on tokens is less than what the item sells for at the shop.