Make it rain Yuan with these Shenmue 3 money-making tips

how to make shenmue 3 money
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What are the best ways to make Shenmue 3 money? Cash is a big deal in Shenmue 3, and that's before I get to the fact the game wouldn’t exist if it weren't for the small matter of the $7.2 million pledged by fans to make the threequel a reality after the second game's cliffhanger ending 18 years ago.

Now that it's finally here, you'll need money, and lots of it. To make the most of this sprawling RPG, you’ll need stacks of yuan for just about anything in the game: you'll need it for food to replenish your stamina and snake power to top up your health. But more importantly, you’ll need funds to start your collection of expensive capsule toys, collectibles you'll want to track down if you're shooting for 100% completion. Below are our tips to help Ryo rake in the yuan.

Gamble on turtles

You should also invest in some gambling tokens, which you can buy from a stand in Verdant Bridge. These are used to play various mini games across Bailu and Niaowu. Betting everything you’ve got on a turtle race might not sound like the most efficient way to earn yuan, but there is a strategy to better your chances: seek out the fortune teller.

Seek out the fortune teller. Her shop is near Sunset Hill and has a Yin and Yang sign out front. Ask her for your lucky colour to double your chances at beating the Flower, Bird, Wind and Moon minigame, which you can find in Joy Park. Winning the game quadruples your initial bet. It’s worth mentioning that the fortune teller warns you that the "colour fortune effects are short-lived" and to "make the most of it while you can": in other words, you have two in-game hours in which to make your luck count.

Get choppin'

One of the most straightforward ways to make money in Shenmue 3 is to grab an axe with which to chop some logs. Although this minigame can be frustrating on your first couple of tries, once you’re in the, err, 'swing' of things, you’ll find it’s a quick way to net yourself some easy cash. Chopping wood earns around 70 yuan a go, and it's worth doing just to set you up for the game's opening. Just talk to Tao Guanzhong at the Tao-Get Store in Bailu Village to get started.

Visit the prize exchange and pawn shop often

So what should you do with all your tokens? Fortunately, there’s a prize exchange to swap that pile of tokens for something valuable, like a banana. Everyone needs their potassium. To find the exchange, head right from the Village Square past the Bell Tower until you spot it to your left. The best item to purchase is something you can sell on for a tidy sum, such as a gem. 

After you’ve grabbed as much as you can carry, take your haul down to the pawn shop, which is opposite the prize exchange. This is where you should sell your gems (or bananas) to bag yourself a decent chunk of change.

Go fish

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Another great way to make money in Shenmue 3 is fishing. There are some great fishing spots in Bailu and Niaowu with a variety of underwater critters to catch. You’ll need to rent your equipment—quality fishing gear sets you back 50 yuan—but there are two cheaper options. Your rented rod will be available for up to one in-game day before it’s returned, but you can rent another straight away. 

Before you can fish, however, you must first have reached the point in the main story where you meet Shenhua at Ternary Spring. From there you’ll have access to the Man Yuan Temple, which is where you’ll find the fishing shop, Huang’s Tackle. This is the go-to place for all your equipment and fish-selling needs. Despite the rental investment, fishing is still an efficient way to make a lot of Shenmue 3 money.

Drive a forklift

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Driving a forklift in Shenmue 3 is fun and stressful in equal measure. Although you're just moving an item from one area to another, preventing yourself from crashing is harder than it looks. If you’ve got what it takes to tame the metal beast and deliver every item in the allotted time limit, you’ll make a nice amount of money in a short space of time.

Sell herbs

Both Bailu and Niaowu are teeming with valuable herbs ready to be picked. Selling sets of them can be one of the most lucrative ways to earn yuan; even more so if you find the maps to the herb locations as opposed to just buying them. Tao Guanzhong at the Tao-Get store is always willing to "buy a set of herbs from you, if you got em". It’s a relaxing and therapeutic way to make money in Shenmue 3, and doesn’t involve a forklift, which is a huge bonus for your stress levels.