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Shadowrun Returns set for another campaign

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Shadowrun Returns

Harebrained Schemes did pretty well for itself with the Kickstarted RPG Shadowrun Returns and its follow-up, Shadowrun: Dragonfall. Yet its next project, announced last week, is something entirely different: A sharply-stylized Roguelike entitled Necropolis. But there's apparently more Shadowrun on the way, too.

Back in early October, Harebrained posted a job listing for a lead artist who will "guide art production on our next Shadowrun game." The position requires planning and executing "a riveting new story in the Shadowrun Universe, based on our existing franchise art direction"; applicants must have knowledge of the Shadowrun universe, or at least a "general love for sci-fi and cyberpunk," and must also have seen Blade Runner at least once. (Seriously, it's in the posting.)

Harebrained hasn't responded to a request for clarification, but "our next Shadowrun campaign" seems pretty black and white to me. It doesn't seem likely to be a mistaken post, given that it's been up since October 8. (It only just came to widespread attention over the weekend, thanks to an RPG Codex post that was actually about the Necropolis announcement.) And really, given the generally positive response the first two games have received, why wouldn't they make another Shadowrun game?

If Harebrained does get back to us, we'll update you.

Andy Chalk
Andy Chalk

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