Shadowrun Returns Deluxe Edition is free on the Humble Store

If your response to learning that the 2018 Steam Summer Sale went live today is to say, "That's nice, but I want something free," we can help with that, too. For over on the Humble Store, they are offering the Harebrained hit Shadowrun Returns Deluxe for the low price of absolutely nothing. 

Released in 2013, Shadowrun Returns is set in the year 2054, a time when magic and technology have mashed ogres, elves, console cowboys, and massive, ruthless corporations together in a grim, gritty cyber-Tolkien world. It features skill-based character progression built on an unusual array of character classes, turn-based tactical combat, and a highly-detailed rendering of its bizarre, neon-infused game world. 

And it's good: "An enjoyable, if simplistic, tactical RPG with just enough intrigue to keep you invested" is how we summed it up in our review

It's also free, which as I like to point out is always a major plus. The deluxe edition includes the base game, the Anthology DLC, and the soundtrack, and is delivered via a Steam code. It's yours for the taking until 10 am PT/1 pm ET on June 23. 

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Andy Chalk

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