Serious Sam Bogus Detour is a retro top-down take on the classic series

Adding to its ever-eclectic catalogue of games, outlandish publisher Devolver Digital has announced a partnership with indie outfit Crackshell and veteran studio Croteam to launch a new Serious Sam game. Named Bogus Detour, this one is a retro-styled action shooter that's due "early this summer."

Breaking from the series' familiar first-person shooting style, Bogus Detour is a top-down bullet hell-type affair that sees the titular hero battling his way through a campaign across Mediterranean arenas, moon bases and biological weapons labs—in either single-player or up to four-player online co-op. 

A Versus Mode lets up to 12 players go toe-to-toe in a deathmatch-like settings too, while Survival Mode sees up to 12 players fighting to stay alive as long as possible. 

When Serious Sam Bogus Detour lands in the summertime, it'll also come with full mod support and a game editor. Here's a glimpse at how it looks: