Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice trailer breaks down the basics

With Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (opens in new tab) launching imminently, From Software has put together an overview trailer to get you up to speed, giving you a quick story primer, showing off the handy prosthetic arm and offering up some undoubtedly very necessary combat tips. And if you're not interested in the advice, you can always just enjoy the new footage. 

It all seems pretty intimidating, especially the bosses, which you'd expect from the studio. Sekiro seems pretty different from Dark Souls and Bloodborne, however, both philosophically and mechanically. Death has been reconsidered, for instance. You won't be stuck with nasty penalties, but you'll probably die a lot more often. You might have a cool prosthetic with a grappling hook and a flamethrower, but you're very much a glass cannon. 

"Sekiro has a distinct feel that sets it apart from both Bloodborne and Dark Souls," Luke Winkie wrote in his Sekiro preview (opens in new tab). "Gone are the stamina bar and the lengthy wind-ups between attacks. The shinobi is deadly; equipped with one-hit-kill stealth attacks, a grappling hook that immediately takes you out of harm's way, and a clockwork prosthetic arm that you can outfit with flamethrowers, a shield-destroying axe, or a few quicksilver shurikens.

Sekiro is due out on March 22.

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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