Sega Make War Not Love 4 tournament finals to take place at the PC Gamer Weekender

This month Dawn of War 2, Company of Heroes 2, Total War: Warhammer and Endless Legend communities go head to head in Sega's Make War Not Love campaign. This competition pits factions against one another across four challenges starting on February 16 and culminating in a showdown in the Sega Zone at our live event, the PC Gamer Weekender, on Feb 19.

Everyone can get involved by backing a faction on the Make War Not Love site. The greater the support for a faction, the greater the prizes at the end of the event. Here are the milestones.

Feb 14: you can vote to decide which games will feature in the Sega vs. Faction event on Feb 16.

Feb 16: In Sega vs. Faction, Sega community managers battle the faction champion of the voted-for game. The faction champ fights for 50 points and Sega prize bundle 1.

Feb 17: In Art Attack each faction creates a piece of artwork that will be shared to the Make Love Not War page. The community and Sega decides which piece wins the points and Sega prize bundle 2.

Feb 18: Factions run live-streams of their games. The faction that attracts the most views and engagements takes points and Sega prize bundle 3.

Feb 19: The grand final takes place at the Kensington Olympia during the PC Gamer Weekender. Here the two leading factions face off in one another's games to find out who will take the final points and Sega prize bundle 4. The winner also unlocks "very special digital content" for their factions' title.

To celebrate the event, a bunch of Sega's games will be discounted for the duration. Total War: Warhammer will be 33 percent off; Endless Legend will be 75 percent cheaper; and the Dawn of War and Company of Heroes series will be discounted by 80 percent and 75 percent respectively.

The PC Gamer Weekender takes place on the weekend of the 18-19 of February at the Olympia. Why not come along? It's your chance to play a lot of new and unreleased games, including Dawn of War 3, For Honor and Tekken 7. Our hardware experts will be on hand to share their expertise and there will be tournaments throughout the weekend with prizes up for grabs. Book your ticket now.

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