See Sunless Skies at the PC Gamer Weekender

Announced in September 2016, Failbetter Games' narrative-rich Sunless Skies is the indirect, same universe follow-up to the wonderful Sunless Sea—both of which loosely follow the timeline of the developer's 2009 browser game Fallen London. In February this year, Sunless Skies ran a successful Kickstarter campaign which not only met its total inside four hours, but also accrued close to four times its original ask. 

At the PC Gamer Weekender 2017, Samuel invited some of the Failbetter team to the Gamer Stage to chat about Sunless Skies: what it's about, how it ties to the series' overarching world, and what it does differently from its predecessors. 

The talk gives some really interesting insights into how Failbetter crafts its create-your-own adventure games, and how its approach has evolved over time.

PC Gamer

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