See Paradox Interactive on stage at the PC Gamer Weekender

Stellaris 1

The developer/publisher behind Crusader Kings 2, Cities: Skylines, Magicka and the in-development 4X space game, Stellaris, is coming to the UK to talk about their upcoming projects at the PC Gamer Weekender, a live event packed full of new and upcoming games that you should totally come to.

For the duration of our two-day event at the Old Truman Brewery London we'll be running two stages hosting top developers from around the world. Paradox has a storied history as the developer and publisher of PC games, from top-flight historical sims like Crusader Kings 2, to our current favourite city-building sim, Cities: Skylines.

Will we see more of Stellaris on stage? The 4X strategy game is being developed by some of the brains behind Crusader Kings 2, and wants to be an endlessly replayable game of expansion and exploration, featuring strange alien species with varying agendas. CK2 notably created rich medieval soap operas with its clever simulation of monarch's family lives. What strange stories will Paradox tell in space?

The PC Gamer Weekender is happening on March 5-6. As well as the stages there will be a game zone full of dozens of playable new and upcoming games like Dark Souls 3, Street Fighter V and lots more. Book now, get money off the door price and spend the time from now until March dreaming of life on Mars, and how you might conquer it.


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