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Season three of the Rocket League Championship Series starts next month

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Calling all who dunk: Psyonix has announced that the third season of the Rocket League Champion Series (opens in new tab) will start broadcasting on Saturday, March 11 with the conclusion of the North American qualifier.

Starting this Thursday, Rocket League teams from North America and Europe can register for the qualifiers, (opens in new tab) and competitive play will begin March 4th. This season will also bring in Oceanic players—Australia and New Zealand are cited, but presumably other countries from the region will be eligible—who will have different (yet to be announced) registration times.

The season will be broadcast on Rocket League's Twitch channel (opens in new tab), and will be complimented by a new weekly talk show also coming in March. A total of $300,000 will be in play as Season Two winners Flipsid3 Tactics defend their title.

As a casual Rocket League player, I have a lowkey, hop in, get dunked on, log out relationship with the game, so I haven't paid too much attention to the tournaments so far. But after watching some of last season's matches (opens in new tab), I'm game to give Season Three a go. Watching infinitely better players not bunch up in the corner and actually hit the aerial passes they're going for is novel.

Tyler Wilde
Executive Editor

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