Sea of Thieves update adds new volcanic region, rowboats, and cargo quests

After a brief delay, the latest update to Rare's swashbuckling open world sandbox Sea of Thieves is now live. Forsaken Shores adds a new area to the map called The Devil's Roar, a volcanic region, and quite a dangerous one at that: it features earthquakes, super-heated seas, scalding geysers, plummeting rocks, and liquid hot magma.

To help you navigate this perilous region, rowboats can now be found at random in the world (frustratingly, they don't just spawn with your ship). Rowboats have storage areas for loot and can fit as many pirates as you can manage to cram into them. (We asked, and yes, you can try to row one across the whole map.) New quests are available as well, in which you need to transport fragile cargo like bottles of rum and fine linens that can be destroyed along the way if you're not careful.

If you're looking to spend your loot, there are also new merchants you can find at small outposts dotting the ocean. Some new outfits and ship decorations can be earned in Forsaken Shores as well. It's free for owners of the base game, and it's live now.

Christopher Livingston
Senior Editor

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