Sea of Thieves expansion Forsaken Shores has been delayed

Forsaken Shores, the big Sea of Thieves update that will add a new volcanic area called Devil's Roar to the map, plus merchant "cargo runs" and rowboats, has been slightly delayed.

"This was not a decision that was taken lightly, and we know this may disappoint fans who were looking to play the update this week," developer Rare explained in today's update. "That said, our priority is to deliver a stable, polished and bug-free experience and we feel that the extra week of development will enable us to do this."

Executive producer Joe Neate went into greater detail in a forum post, in which he said that testing over the weekend revealed a memory issue in the most recent build that's causing a large number of crashes. "From our investigations this is a complex issue that we are working through solving, but as such we do not feel in a position to release Forsaken Shores to our players with confidence this week," he wrote.   

Fortunately for players it will be a relatively brief wait: Forsaken Shores was originally slated to be out on September 19, but will be released (assuming the problem can be fixed as planned) on September 27 instead. Rare spoke more about what's coming in the update last month at Gamescom.

Andy Chalk

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