Screencheat beta update adds tactical 'Murder Mystery' mode


Screencheat doesn't release until October 21, but if you pre-order on Steam you can get immediate access to the beta. To sweeten the deal Surprise Attack has added new content to the beta today including a game mode entitled Murder Mystery, as well as a new map. Both will also feature in the complete game when it releases next month.

Described as "Cleudo with dishonorable combat", Murder Mystery requires each player to hunt down a specific target in order to gain a kill. As the video below demonstrates, this adds a tactical dimension to a game which is otherwise pretty twitch-oriented. Rather than keep your finger on the trigger, Murder Mystery's requirement to kill a specific player with a specific weapon means players will need to pay more attention to their foe's location.

Meanwhile, developers from Samurai Punk will take part in a few developer player sessions every week until the game's launch. These will take place every Monday and Wednesday from 7pm PDT in the US, and every Tuesday and Thursday from 7pm in Australia.

Here's the trailer:

Shaun Prescott

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