Updated: Save $700+ on this Alienware RTX 2080-spec gaming desktop

Save $700 on this Alienware RTX 2080-spec gaming desktop, this Labor Day
(Image credit: Alienware)

It's not often you find a cheap Alienware gaming PC. It's widely known that while Dell's gaming-brand rigs are well built and come with classy customer care support, you're often paying a little too much for the specs you actually get inside, unless you happen to find a really, really good deal. This week, however, has provided us with one of those deals because you can get an Alienware Aurora R8 with an RTX 2080 8GB graphics card, an i7-8700 CPU, 16GB of RAM, 256GB NVMe SSD/1TB HDD combo, and Windows 10 Home pre-installed for $1550 at the Dell store. That's actually a solid price for this kind of build, even without the Alienware name. This PC was cheaper yesterday, with an additional discount.

If there's a weakness here, it's probably the CPU. Ideally, you'd want the i7-9700K or the 8700K in there, as they're better for gaming builds, but the rest of the specs are on-point. The 256GB NVMe drive is big enough for booting, and you can easily supplement it with a bigger SSD later in your PC's life, and the RAM is 16GB of dual-channel HyperX Fury at 2933Mhz, a step above the RAM you find in cheaper pre-builts. Look a little deeper, and this offer also comes with an Alienware mouse and keyboard (eh, they're free!), built-in WiFi, and a DVD-RW, if you still like physical media. All wrapped up with Dell's one-year warranty and support.

Yesterday, you got an extra $150 off, but that has now expired. Details below.

The on-site saving is $705, but if you enter the code AW150AFF at checkout you get another $150 off. That's the real kicker. The deal will end when stock runs out, today.

Alienware Aurora R8 gaming PC | RTX 2080 | i7-8700 | $1550 (save $705)

Alienware Aurora R8 gaming PC | RTX 2080 | i7-8700 | $1550 (save $705)
A massive saving off the list price of this beefy gaming PC. Sure, that original cost includes the 'Alienware tax', but this is a decent price for what you actually get here.

It's only September, sure, and that's a lot of cash to throw at a pre-built PC. However, taking a look at other retailers, we're struggling to find any other RTX 2080 builds for this kind of price, which tells you something about how compelling Dell's offer is right now. This is a Labor Day deal, so you need to take advantage of it today, and stocks are limited so it will sell out. 

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