Save $500 on this massive 4K OLED gaming monitor that will shame your TV out of the living room

AORUS FO48U in front of a green backdrop.
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We've all been there. The passing urge to hook up your fancy gaming rig so you can lounge on the couch or in bed with a wireless controller to play some games away from your desk. This deal on Newegg for this 48-inch 4K OLED beauty for only $800 might finally let you live the dream.

The Aorus FO48U is a 48 inch 4K OLED gaming monitor that usually retails for $1,500 but thanks to a discount, promo code (FEB4SALE at checkout), and mail-in rebate, you can have it for $800 after is all said and done. However, you have to make sure to buy the monitor by February 28th for the rebate to be valid. 

Even if you don't use the rebate, $1,000 for a big, colorful gaming monitor is not bad. Specs-wise, this has everything the best gaming TVs have and then some. A 4K OLED display at 120Hz (via Displayport) means you can get the most of your new video card, assuming you managed to track one down. 

The F048U also offers KVM switch functionality so that you can plug in things like a keyboard and mouse without much hassle.  It's a great gaming monitor that can moonlight as a TV. Just make sure that if you plan on having this replace your desktop monitor, you have enough room and sit far enough back to avoid straining your neck.

The downside is that this Gigabyte monitor is not a TV despite looking like one of the LG C series TVs. There are no tuners or streaming apps, so you may want to invest in a streaming device like a Chromecast or Roku if this thing will reside in your living room. 

Aorus FO48U | 4K OLED| 48-inch | 120Hz refresh | $1,499$799 at Newegg (save $700 after rebate)

Aorus FO48U | 4K OLED| 48-inch | 120Hz refresh | $1,499 $799 at Newegg (save $700 after rebate)
If you are primarily a PC gamer looking to go big, This Aorus 48 inch OLED 4K display supports 120Hz to get the most of your GPU. For under $1,000, this could easily replace your TV so long as you don't mind losing out on some TV-specific features.

Promo code FEB4SALE 

There's always a risk of burn-in with OLEDs, so be wary of having static images on a screen for too long so make sure it's off when you're not actively using or make sure you leave on auto-dimming. 

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