Save $100 on this premium wireless Bose noise-cancelling headset

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If you're in a noisy environment or just want to enjoy games and music in total seclusion, this Bose headset is one of the best wireless sets you can buy. It doesn't have a boom mic, but if you use freestanding mics anyway—or rarely game with a mic—this investment will get you great sound quality and a comfortable pair of headphones. Not to mention being great for plane travel if you do decide to leave your fortress.

Wireless capability extends to 9 meters (as long as there are no walls or lead-lined nuclear bunker doors in the way), so if you're sitting at your PC that should be no problem. The battery should give you 20 hours of wireless listening time before it needs a recharge.

If you like your voice assistants, the Bose QC35 comes with Alexa integration. Our global editor in chief has a wired set that he recommends—very good for airplane journeys, I'm told. If you're looking for a general set of headphones that you can take away from your PC and use on the move, this Bose set beats out some of the gaming headsets we have on our lists.

The rose gold (more pink, by the looks of it) is the most heavily discounted option this Black Friday, but you can still get a $70 discount on the black and silver versions.

Bose QuietComfort 35 II wireless noise-cancelling headphones |$249 (save $100)

Bose QuietComfort 35 II wireless noise-cancelling headphones |$249 (save $100)
If you opt for the Rose Gold option of these fantastic headphones you can get $100 off (other colours are $70 off if you prefer). The set has three noise cancelling modes if you want to completely immerse yourself in a game. 

It's a pricey option, but a high quality one. For more headphones check out our roundup of the best gaming headset Black Friday deals. On the lookout for other peripherals like mice, keyboard, monitors, and more? You'll want our round up of the best Black Friday deals on PC.

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