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GOG's Winter Sale kicked off earlier today, and marked the occasion by giving away complimentary copies of Grim Fandango Remastered for the next 48 hours. The sale itself runs till December 26, alongside the PC Gamer Collection—a gathering of our favourites, spanning two decades and multiple genres.

With 20 games in total, there's something for everyone at a price that won't break the bank. Best platformer of the year nominee Hollow Knight, for example, is on sale for £7.69/$10.04 with a 33 percent discount, while 2014's Metro: Last Light Redux is just £3.79/$4.92 at 75 percent off. 

If narrative games are your cup of tea, Failbetter's wonderful seafaring adventure Sunless Sea comes in at £4.39/$5.69 70 percent less its full price, while Supergiant Games' gorgeous action role-player Transistor is a cool £3.79/$4.92.

Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice is the PC Gamer Collection's most expensive game, but is arguably its most interesting. Leif enjoyed his time with the moody hack-and-slasher that explores themes of mental illness, which can be yours for £18.79/$24.66. Here's an excerpt from his review earlier this year:

Hellblade, in fact, is just as much about solving puzzles with focus as murdering Nordic hellspawn, with many of them involving finding the shapes of Viking runes in the chance alignment of random objects or standing at the proper spots to dispel illusions. These are my favorite parts of the game, being neither too hard or too easy. Even better, Hellblade never lets these elements grow stale.

Check out the PC Gamer Collection in full over here. If you're feeling particularly flush, grabbing all 20 games will cost you £148.95/$195.36 with a saving of £216.95/$284.14 (59 percent).

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