Save big on one of the best 240Hz gaming monitors out there

Alienware 25 monitor
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Amazon's got a deal on a wicked fast 240Hz Alienware display for just $234. That's more than $140 off its usual price of $375. The last time this thing was even remotely this cheap was at the end of last year when it was $200 during the holiday season. 

The Alienware AW2521HF is an impressive 25-inch gaming monitor on an IPS panel. The biggest feathers in its cap are the 240Hz refresh rate and excellent color reproduction. At one point, the Alienware 25 was on our best high refresh rate monitors list until it was usurped by the 360Hz version of the same Alienware gaming monitor. So this is probably the best option if you want performance but don't have a lot of cash.

While using the monitor myself a couple of years ago, I liked that it was bright enough to play in rooms with a lot of direct sunlight and could easily fight off any annoying glares. It's a well-designed, sturdy monitor that works well in tight work or play spaces. 

Dell G15

Alienware AW2521HF | 25-inch | 1080p | IPS | 240Hz | $374.98 $233.99 at Amazon (save $114.99)
240Hz might be the new sweet spot for competitive gamers. This speedy 25-inch Alienware display values speed over anything else. Even on a modest PC, you can dish out 240Hz at 1080p on many of the most competitive shooters like CS:GO and Valorant.

The lack of HDR support is a bummer, and despite having great color accuracy the contrast isn't the best. But the stadium ring RGB lighting on the stand and that wild space-ship aesthetic go a long way for me since it's no secret I love some weird-looking PC hardware

The Alienware 25's screen size is on the smaller side at 24.5 inches. For an extra $30, you can pick up bigger, albeit more plain-looking 240Hz displays like this Monoprice if you're still in the market for a speedy display and don't care for all the extras.

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