SanDisk Ultra II 960GB SSD drops to $240

As NVMe solid state drives gain in popularity and support, perhaps we'll see more deals on SATA 6Gbps SSDs. That is certainly the case today—over at Newegg, you can grab a SanDisk Ultra II 960GB SSD for $240.

The SSD is on sale for $270, but if you enter promo code EMCSRERC4, it will knock another $30 off the price. Other vendors have lowered the price as well—Amazon is selling the drive for $250 and Best Buy has in on sale for $270—though Newegg appears to have everyone beat.

This is a 2.5-inch drive with triple-level cell (TLC) underneath the hood. TLC chips are generally slower than other forms of NAND flash memory, though in this case SanDisk rates sequential read and write speeds at up to 550MB/s and 500MB/s, respectively. Random read performance checks in at 95,000 IOPS and random write performance is rated at 79,000 IOPS.

SanDisk backs the Ultra II with a 3-year warranty.

You can grab the SanDisk Ultra II 960GB SSD on sale here. Also be sure to check out our picks for the best SSDs for gaming.

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