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The Samsung Evo 860 1TB SSD is £100 for Prime Day, its cheapest ever price

The Samsung Evo 860 1TB SSD is £100 for Prime Day, its cheapest ever price
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As Amazon Prime Day draws to a close, there's still time to grab a decent deal on PC components. One of our top-rated SATA SSDs, the Samsung 860 EVO 1TB model, is currently selling for £100 on Amazon (opens in new tab), which is the lowest price we've ever seen it for in the UK. While the saving listed is £164, the SSD hasn't been that expensive for months. We'd say you're saving about £35 here, which was the previous price. That's still a handsome saving.

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1TB Samsung 860 Evo | £100 (£35 off) (opens in new tab)
The best ever Amazon UK price on our favourite SSD, for Prime Day, £24 less than you could get it last week, and the lowest this SSD has ever been in the UK.

While it isn't the quickest SSD, as the best NVMe SSDs like the PRO 970 out-perform the EVO series, you still get one of the quickest SATA drives out there. Plus, these Samsung models are very reliable and offer excellent value for money, along with the Crucial drives.

The previous lowest price for this one on Amazon was £103 for a brief period in April, so this is a decent amount off for a fantastic SATA drive. The 860 Evo balances price, performance and reliability better than any other solid state drive out there, which makes it a strong call for the majority of PC owners. And hey, the 1TB capacity is a good fit if you're looking for faster load times on space-eating monster games like the ever-growing Hitman 2 and GTA 5, which will surely consume an entire 1TB drive between them someday. 

We'll be looking out for more SSDs in the lead up to the next big sale, so keep tabs on our Amazon Prime Day deals page for the latest.

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