Grow a bumper crop with this Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin tips guide

Sakuna rice guide
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Farming doesn't come naturally to everyone, which is why this Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin guide is the perfect way to learn the humble teachings of a farmer. A demon-infested island isn't an ideal place to start your rice empire, but you have the goddess of harvest on your side that, before you know it, you'll be surrounded by a majestic field of rice shoots.

Sakuna isn't your normal farming sim. It's not simply the case of chucking some seeds in the ground and watering them every day—oh no. Growing rice is a delicate process, and even slight adjustments in the water level and weather will tamper with your harvest. It's a serious business.

With multiple graphs and numbers thrown at you thick and fast, it's a lot to take on. But, with some quick Sakuna tips, it becomes much more manageable. Below you'll find some handy rice-farming tips that will help you grow that bumper crop you've been striving for. By the time you're done reading, you'll have risen to a higher plane of rice farming existence. 

Sakuna guide: 6 tips for a thriving paddy

Keep an eye on water flow

Water irrigation is a big thing when you're growing rice. When growing plants, there's always a fear that you'll over-water and the crop will start to rot. But rice shoots love lots of water, even if they're a little fussy about it. The shoots need a different amount of water each season and you'll need to quickly tend to that need. 

Sakuna has a clever water system that allows you to open and shut little gates that can flood the paddy. My advice is that there's never such a thing as too much water so don't be afraid of completely flooding the paddy. In Summer, the crops need to dry out so empty that paddy as often as you can, leaving the lower gate open should allow water to run out easily. One last thing, make sure to take into consideration the weather. If it's been raining, you'll need to account for that in the water levels. 

Process all your extra food for storage

Gathered food and plants can quickly spoil if you leave them overnight, wasting many of the resources you spent time scavenging. Before your evening meal, make sure to chat with Myrthe by the fireplace and she will process all your edible resources into storable foods. She pickles the plants you've gathered, dries out the meat, and creates soup stock that will last you through the Winter. Storage foods will also carry you through those days when you haven't gone out and gathered supplies. 

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Ask Tauemon for advice

He's not that great with a blade, but his eye for rice farming is pretty sharp. When you're in need of some quick advice, Tauemon always knows just the right thing to say. Having a second opinion on water levels and when to move on to the next step of the farming process is a lot of help and he'll always enlighten you with his insights. 

Use fertilizer every day

Put that poo to use! Rice crops flourish when planted in rich soil, and topping up the paddy every day with new fertiliser is a must. Gather waste from the outhouse and carry it to the fertiliser pit, making sure to add scavenged resources to make the fertiliser more potent. 

Even when the crops have been harvested in the Autumn, make sure to keep the soil rich through to the Spring so those new seedlings have a lovely bed on which to grow. Get into the habit of replenishing the fertilizer every morning before you go out scavenging. 

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Eat a hearty meal the night before a big fight

You'll meet some terrible creatures when you're exploring the wild, and some of them are pretty nasty. If, like me, you've had your butt thoroughly kicked by a giant chicken (true story) and plan on returning the favour the next day, make sure you have a big meal the night before to get some extra fighting buffs.

Before you sit down to eat, talk with Myrthe and select 'Change Menu.' This will open up a screen where you can choose what to eat and show which foods will give you stat buffs. Myrthe automatically makes humble meals each evening, but with you controlling the menu for that night, you can choose up to five different dishes with which to bulk up. A feast fit for the gods.

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Bonus: Pet the dog

A little into the game, a cute shiba inu decides to join your family and can be found hanging out on the farm. When approached, you can pet the pooch, but not only that, you can pick up the pup and carry it around. I repeat: You can pick up the pupper and carry it around. It's little paws and floofy tail will bounce up and down as you run around. Adorable.

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