Rusty Lake Paradise trailer teases a weird adventure about the Plagues of Egypt and your mom

The team behind the bizarre, creepy Rusty Lake games has announced that a new addition to the series, Rusty Lake Paradise, will be released next week. The game will follow the story of a young man named Jakob, who returns to his home of Paradise Island after the death of his mother leaves it cursed by the ten Plagues of Egypt. 

The Steam listing doesn't say much about the game beyond describing it as a "premium point-and-click adventure," in which Jakob must discover his mother's hidden memories and take part in strange family rituals in order to bring the plagues to a halt. "Each plague brings its own atmosphere, suspense and a variety of Rusty Lake brain teasers," and features its own theme song, with backdrops by Dutch painter Johan Scherft. 

The description is a little strange but it's got nothing on the trailer, which is flat-out weird, and not in the happy-trippy way of something like Samorost 3: There was a deeply sinister edge to Rusty Lake Hotel (not to mention violence), and Rusty Lake Paradise quite clearly promises more of the same.   

Mystery and secrets are a big part of what makes Rusty Lake work so you won't find much about the new game, but more information about the studio that makes it and its other games are up at

Andy Chalk

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