Rust dev update details candle hats, barricades and floor spikes

Rust candle hat

Facepunch Studios have outlined the new features, changes and stuff coming to Rust, which includes a practical candle hat for keeping your surroundings illuminated, and your pate nicely coated in melting wax. That striking image courtesy of the latest devblog, which also details the new weapon ammo wheel, barricades and ouchy floor spikes, plus the return of the location-dependent headshot sound from the 'Legacy' build.

Interestingly, Facepunch's Petur has "added a single high-yield, zero-radiation facility in the middle of the island. Noobs probably need not apply, as you’ll need warm clothing to survive a night there". Here's what the new facility looks like:

Rust facility

Check out the full list of new Rusty stuff at this link (there's quite a lot of it).

Tom Sykes

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