Rune: Ragnarok trailer showcases vikings, dragons, and a gigantic puppy

Back in 2000, Human Head Studios released Rune, an action game with great cover art about the battle between Loki, who seeks to unleash Ragnarok, and Odin, who aims to stop him. 17 years later, the studio announced a sequel, and based on the title—and the pre-alpha trailer released today—it looks like Loki has got the upper hand. 

Rune: Ragnarok is an end-of-days, all-the-marbles affair in which gods, beasts, and humans decide to settle their differences once and for all. Players will pledge themselves to an Asgardian tenant of their choice, who will grant them divine favor and special abilities as they quest to "take down Loki and bring and end to Ragnarok." 

That presumably means you can't align yourself with Loki, which is kind of a shame; I know the Marvel Cinematic Universe portrayal isn't particularly close to the "real" Norse legends, but if I had to spend a day hanging out with anyone from that pantheon, you better believe it's going to be Loki. 

Rune: Ragnarok doesn't have a release date yet, but barring any problems it will enter beta testing later this year. If you want to get in on that action, you can sign up for a shot at a key at

Andy Chalk

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