Rumu, the sci-fi adventure starring a vacuum cleaner, releases next week

Announced in October, Rumu is a point-and-click adventure starring a sentient vacuum cleaner, set in an eerily abandoned sci-fi Smart Home. If that's not a perfect elevator pitch, I don't know what is. There's also a cat in it. Oh, and it's releasing next week, on December 13.

For a detailed rundown of what it's all about, I spoke with the game's lead designer at PAX in October (the game also ranked among the most promising we saw at that convention). But if you didn't read that or don't want to, Rumu stars a vacuum cleaner by that name, navigating an isometrically-viewed Smart Home "littered with semi-intelligent devices to hack into and get to know". 

"When something draws you away from your home maintenance duties and into the hidden passageways and long forgotten rooms of the house, you’ll be faced with challenging moral dilemmas forcing you beyond your programming to uncover the truth about the love and loss of your elusive family," so says the Steam description. It also has a cat in it.

Here's the announcement trailer: 

Shaun Prescott

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