Ron Perlman stars in Payday 2's Biker Packs DLC, out this week

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Fallout doombringer, Son of Anarchy, and horny demon Ron Perlman is starring in Payday 2's latest DLC: The Biker Packs. It's actually two DLCs—The Biker Heist and The Biker Character Pack—and I'll detail both of them after you've seen a tired-looking Perlman in action.

That's an expensive way to trail some DLC—and did you notice Perlman's mask, with the red horns on it? A little nod to Hellboy there.

The Biker Heist pack comprises a two-day heist, the CR805B submachine gun, a throwable axe, four masks, patterns and materials, and six achievements.

While the Character Pack features Perlman's Rust as a playable character, the Biker perk deck, the Breaker 12G shotgun, the Chain Whip melee weapon, and a couple of masks.

Both are out June 16, which is this Thursday. (Ta, VG247.)

Tom Sykes

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