Rogue Trader shows off one of Warhammer 40K's most interesting locations for the first time in a videogame

Amid the ocean of upcoming Warhammer games, one has risen to the top for me: Rogue Trader. CRPG developer Owlcat Games will be letting us explore the grimdark future in an RPG party, gallivanting around and getting into all sorts of trouble. It's yet to be given a release date, though it's "coming soon", and in the meantime there's a new trailer to gawk at. 

This location trailer, unsurprisingly, gives us a glimpse of some of the places we'll be able to visit as the titular rogue trader. As you might expect, there's no dearth of space ports, industrial machinery and intimidating, gothic statues. But there's also a wee treat near the end. 

The Dark City, Commorragh, is the home of the drukhari. If you're not au fait with the setting, think evil space elves who don't ask for consent when they get into some BDSM. The Dark City has been explored in the tabletop games, but it looks like this is the first time it's made an appearance in a videogame. 

It looks much like you'd expect: spikes, torture devices, lithe aliens strutting around. Not subtle, then. It's a very different aesthetic from the locations you'll find in the Imperium, though. And what can you get up to in the Dark City, you ask? Lots of things! You'll have to endure "endless horrors" and fights for your very existence. This is exactly what I want from my holidays. 

In our preview at the end of last year, Rick Lane said Rogue Trader was shaping up to be a stellar CRPG, so hopefully it will do the home of the drukhari and the rest of the cosmos justice. It certainly looks promising. 

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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