Rogue Legacy's Mac and Linux ports "very close", upcoming patch will add new content

Rogue Legacy's Mac and Linux siblings may have overslept, but soon they'll be able to join the elder, Windows version of the genealogical roguelike. According to Cellar Door, the outsourced ports are "very close" to being done. That won't be the end of development on the game, either, with a patch in the works that aims to bolster the game's considerable difficulty with new content.

"We're still working on another patch for Rogue Legacy," Cellar Door's Teddy Lee told Joystiq . "It hit a few snags, but we really want to get some extra content out for those people who are interested." Lee also reveals that the team have been discussing what their next project might be.

"We are considering delaying the ports so that they include the latest patch that we're working on," explains a new post on the Cellar Door blog . "We know it sounds like a raw deal for a lot of people who have supported us and waiting so patiently. This way though, we can ensure Mac and Linux users have the best possible experience with all the features and content available (or to be available) right from get-go."

Phil Savage

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