Rocket League meets Harry Potter in this Quidditch-style sports game

Rocket League is cool, but what if you're more into capes than cars? Do you prefer magic wands and broomsticks to footballs and shin guards? Broomstick League takes a page from Harry Potter and pits teams of wizards and witches against each other in an arena sport that looks as close to Quidditch and Rocket League as you can get without having to acquire a license for either property. Look into your scrying mirror (or the video above) to check out the announcement trailer.

Broomstick League, which is scheduled for release on Steam in early 2020, will feature multiplayer matches from 1v1 up to 4v4. There doesn't appear to be anything like Harry Potter's golden snitch, so the wizards will have to make do by flying around on broomsticks, capturing the ball, and putting it into the goal to score. Players will be able to cast spells that will let them teleport around the arena and blast the ball away from opponents. There will also be customization options to personalize your wizards.

Prior to launch, Broomstick League will undergo beta testing, which you can sign up for at the official site.

Christopher Livingston
Senior Editor

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