Rocket League to get limited time Halloween item drops

It's somehow less than three weeks till Halloween which means two things: one, this year is passing me by entirely too quickly; and two, we've entered that time of year where games add lighthearted Halloween-related tat to their ensembles. 

Like Rocket League, which is set to introduce a range of free time-limited in-game items to mark the spookiest celebration of the year. 

The new Bone King Topper, for example, adds a neat wee crown-donning skull to the roof of your battle car, which sort of reminds me of Dark Souls 3's High Lord Wolnir; while the Fuzzy Skull is this year's Antenna. The Ghost is a "spirit so lovable even the Ghostbusters wouldn’t want to trap it"; and the Netherworld Rocket Boost leaves a trail of lost souls in its wake. 

All of the above are due to crawl into the cage as random drops come October 18, which is also when last year's Halloween treats (or should that be tricks?) will be reintroduced into the fold. Again, the festivities are free but only until All Saints Day, November 1.