We're giving away 100 Steam keys for the Rocket Arena closed beta

Update: The raffle has ended! Congratulations to the winners, who have been notified via email.

Rocket Arena is a new 3v3 FPS from Final Strike Games and Nexon America. With colorful characters, rounds lasting a quick five minutes, and several games modes to choose from, the hook is that your rockets don't actually kill other players but instead knock them out of the arena. I got to play it last week and it's fast and fun, especially the Rocketball mode.

Rocket Arena is entering closed beta on May 23 (tomorrow, for most of you) and the beta will run until May 29 on Steam. We've got 100 Steam keys for the closed beta, and below you can enter yourself for a chance to win one and try the game on Thursday when the beta begins. The closed beta will feature six characters, six maps, and four different game modes.

Here are the closed beta times and dates:
May 23: 10 am-10 pm PT
May 24: 10 am-10 pm PT
May 25 - 28: 24 hour play starting at 10 am PT
May 29: Beta ends at 10 am PT

To enter the raffle, just enter your email in the widget below. On Thursday, May 23, when the beta begins, 100 random winners will be selected automatically and emailed keys (so make sure you enter your correct address). We won't see the email address you enter and Godankey won't save it—it's only used to send the key to the winners.

(If you don't see anything embedded below, here's a link you can use.)

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