Risk of Rain 2 developer plans large 'expansions' and increased mod support

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Risk of Rain 2 doesn't support the Steam Workshop, but it's nonetheless managed to build up a thriving mod scene, encouraged and supported by developer Hopoo Games. As we noted in our best mods roundup in August, for instance, the studio included a code check with the full release of the game that made it easier for gamers with mods installed to play together.

In an update posted over the weekend, the studio said that it hopes to expand its support for player-made mods even further in future updates, although at this stage it's still nailing down the details.

"We have always been excited by our growing mod community for RoR2. We love seeing your creative work, thoughts on the game, and really out-of-the-box designs," it said. "Mod support is something that we really wanted to be able to do officially, and each content update we would sneak in a few changes to support that community."

"One of our other goals moving forward is to let modders have an easier time with RoR2. We don’t know the exact shape of that yet, especially since there are many moving parts, but we’re hopeful to support the mod community."

Hopoo said it will release one more content update, on all platforms, "as a final thank you to all players—and also to ourselves." There's no timeline on that update at this point, but the goal is to finish some of the "internal content" the studio was forced to cut during Early Access, and also to do one more pass on the whole game based on player feedback.

Beyond that, the plan is to focus on major "expansions" to the game, likely themed—a “Void Expansion” or an “Imp Expansion"—that will come out once or twice a year and be "multiple content updates in size." The studio said it's taking this approach for two reasons:

  • The additional income will help pay for the new developers we’re going to hire, and help pay for porting costs to consoles
  • A large expansion pack will be much more likely to engage players back into RoR2. The reality is that RoR2 is competing with every other game on the planet for your time and focus - and as the game ages, and new cool games come out, we want to make sure that if we’re compelling you to come back to RoR2, it’s with something more exciting than 1 new survivor and 8 new items.

Conventional patches, with quality of life improvements, bug fixes, and balance changes, will be continue to be released as free updates for everyone.

Risk of Rain 2 is also headed to Stadia "soon," and will include a new alternate fourth-stage map on the platform called Sundered Grove, developed by indie studio Ghostpunch Games, which assisted on the development of Risk of Rain 2.

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A date for the Stadia launch hasn't been set.

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