Rift giveaway winners: Soul combos of choice


When it comes to what role you want to play in Rift, you've definitely got options. Thanks to the game's Soul system , classes get much more complex past the initial Warrior, Cleric, Rogue, and Mage. Now that's it's been seven days since our Rift giveaway started, it's time to say congratulations to our 25 lucky (and randomly chosen) winners. Read on to see which class combinations they prefer, and if your name is among the chosen few.

Now, if you'd like to see these players' reasoning for their optimal class, just check out the original post and hit up a little Ctrl+F action. Winners will be contacted on Monday via the email registered to their account here on the site, in order to get mailining addresses that we can send their boxed copies of the game to. Without further ado, I present to you: the winners!

Tokubetsu : Marksman, Ranger & nightblade

Calmb4tehPwn: Justicar/Shaman/Druid

Masem: Blade Dancer - Bard - Assassin

dusk1990: Nightblade, Assassin, And Marskmen

Muscovy: Mage -- Necromancer + Warlock + Pyromancer

Smy: Necromancer, Warlock, Dominator

cmoneyr: Warden + Sentinel + Purifier

Krotine: Rift Stalker, Assassin, and Nightblade

Mower: Paladin, Reaver, and Void Knight

saradomanian: Reaver+Paladin+Riftblade

Tedderz: Paladin/Warlord/Riftblade

CheexInk: Bard/Saboteur/Marksman

Razorfish: Ranger / Assassin / Bladedancer

Fawkes Allen: Bladedancer - Assassin - Riftstalker

Halc: Dominator, Warlock, and Chloromancer

aodecim: Pyromancer/Necromancer/Warlock

Blackfire1: Stormcaller, Necro, archmage

LTSlugg: Riftblade / Void Knight / Vindicator

Drewoid13: Beastmaster + Warlord + Riftblade

lokkith: Paragon/champion/reaver

RAKATIK : Nightblade + Blade Dancer + Riftstalker

TokenGinger: Purifier/Sentinel/Justicar

Tasoli: bard-blade dancer-saboteur

galackharg: champion / void knight / paragon

PieceMaker42: Champion Reaver Paladin

Quite the array of options! The Souls system definitely offers a lot of depth when it comes to role customization--we're looking forward to testing out a few of these combos ourselves this weekend. Thanks to everyone that entered, and keep trying new combinations!

Update: crimson8199 was replaced by Muscovy due to cimson's selection being an invalid option (combining two classes' souls)