Rift giveaway: free copies for you and a friend! [US only]


It's not always easy convincing your friends to jump into an MMO with you. It got a bit easier this week, when Rift launched its Ascend-a-Friend referral program and a 7-day trial , but maybe a few of your fellows are still holding out. Maybe you're that stubborn friend dragging their feet. First, shame on you. Secondly, PC Gamer's here to help. We're celebrating the spirit of playing MMOs with friends by giving 25 lucky winners two copies of Rift each—as in, you and a friend get to explore Telara as a dynamic duo. Want to know how to enter? I know you do. Read on.

All you have to do is leave a comment down below, stating your ideal RIFT character build, and why you enjoy that particular combination of Souls. (Remember, you combine 3 souls in a build, and you can read summaries of the 32 different inter-changeable Souls on Rift's official site .)

For example, as a Rogue, I'd go with a Bard + Bladedancer + Saboteur combination so that I could pretend that I'm attacking enemies with explosive mandolins. While you're at it, be sure to Rate Up the comments that you think propose some particularly awesome combinations.

This contest is open to US residents only. We'll pick 25 winners on Friday, May 20th, so get creative! If you already play Rift, you can still gain some bonus karma by giving two friends free copies of the game! Now that's a true pal.