rFactor 2 beta is go, trailer shows ultra-realistic wheel-squishing

A "Modders test version" of rFactor 2 was released just before Christmas, but we missed it because we were basting enormous turkeys in engine oil in preparation for the great festive feasting to come. RPS mention that you'll have to pay for this release of the beta, but it's directed more at the modding community than racing fans for now. If you want to try it, but don't want to pay, a post on the rFactor 2 forums suggests that there'll be a demo eventually.

rFactor 2 is designed to be extensively modded by the community, which means we're likely to see the inclusion of very familiar recreations of licensed cars quite soon after release. You're paying for a very carefully tuned physics system and top class wheel-squishing. It sounds rather good, too. Check out a couple of laps of Monaco in the video below. Find out more about the racing sim on the rFactor 2 site .

Tom Senior

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