Which Resident Evil Village recipes should you make?

Resident Evil Village recipes
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What are the best Resident Evil Village recipes? They won't heal you, but they will grant you permanent health, guard, and movement buffs. Ingredients are a finite resource in Resident Evil Village as animals won't respawn after you've killed and collected their meat. I didn't manage to unlock all six recipes in a single playthrough either, so it's worth knowing which recipes you should prioritise while hunting. 

Some of the ingredients require you to find other items in order to reach them, so expect some light spoilers ahead. If you're happy to continue, let's get right to it. Here are the best Resident Evil 8 recipes, plus how to find the Finest Fish, Juicy Game, and Quality Meat ingredients.


All Resident Evil Village recipes in The Duke's Kitchen 

A few hours into the game, you'll unlock the ability to hunt animals and take their meat to the Duke, in return for permanent buffs. You can even hand over the ingredients you've found so far and leave them with the trader so you don't have to carry them. Fortunately you won't have to waste any of your time cooking as the friendly merchant will take care of this for you. All you need are the required ingredients to place your order. The Resident Evil Village recipes are:

Swipe to scroll horizontally
Herbed FishHealth slightly increasesFish x3, Poultry x2
Bird and Beast PilafDamage taken when guarding decreasesPoultry x4, Meat x1
Three-Flavored MititeiHealth increasesFish x4, Poultry x2
Tochitura de PuiHealth greatly increasesPoultry x4, Meat x3
Ciorba de PorcDamage taken when guarding greatly decreasesFish x1, Meat x5, Quality Meat x1
Sarmale de PesteMovement speed increasesFish x6, Finest Fish x1

Resident Evil Village best recipes

The best recipe is Sarmale de Peste as it permanently increases your movement speed. As you'd expect, its ingredients are difficult to find, specifically Finest Fish, which you'll only come across later on into the game.

I found that I didn't have to guard against enemies often as you almost always have enough room to keep your distance, bar a few altercations with larger foes. However, if you're struggling to keep Ethan's HP status in the green, consider boosting your health permanently. While it'll take a while to collect the ingredients, Tochitura de Pui is the best option. It doesn't require any fish (which you'll want to save for Sarmale de Peste), but you will need to get your hands on some Juicy Game.

Finest Fish

Resident Evil Village Finest Fish location

The Finest Fish spawn is easy to miss as it's situated in an isolated portion of the map that you can only reach via a boat. You'll need the Crank item handy for this as you need to lower a drawbridge to access the boat. Here's how to find Finest Fish:

  • Use the Crank to lower the Drawbridge near Lone Road.
  • Turn the boat around and head upstream (right) until you reach the dock.  
  • Disembark the boat and make a hard left to find a pool full of fish. It's a good idea to kill all three, but the yellow fish will drop Finest Fish. 

Juicy Game

Resident Evil Village Juicy Game location

Unlike hunting other animals, you won't find Juicy Game in an obvious spot. You can find this ingredient by finding a photograph and heading to the area pictured. Here's how to find Juicy Game:

  • After completing the House Beneviento section, follow the path back to the Garden. To the right of the Garden is a building with a typewriter in it. Walk around the building's exterior to open the shack door and retrieve the Photo of a Strange Bird.
  • Taking a closer look at the photo you can see it features the Graveyard, so walk back there and stand next in front of the candlelit goat shrine.
  • Turn so the gate towards the Castle is on your right. Look on the left side on the tree ahead and you'll see the blue bird perched on one of the branches.
  • Shoot the bird so it drops on the floor, then walk over to claim your Juicy Game

Quality Meat

Resident Evil Village Quality Meat location

You can find Quality Meat in the Village, all you need to do is find a specific pig. I found this after picking up the Well Wheel, which is pretty handy considering there's also a well right next to the pig. Here's how to find Quality Meat:

  • Head to Fallow Plot and enter the building where you found Elena. 
  • Climb through the open window and kill the pig for Quality Meat.
  • Optional: Kill the winged enemies and use the Well Wheel to access a Pipe Bomb.
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