Where to find the crow nest in Resident Evil 4 Remake

Resident Evil 4 Remake crow nest - the Courtyard
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The Resident Evil 4 Remake crow nest is a location you'll have to find in Salazar's gloomy castle if you want to complete The Jewel Thief request and maximise the number of Spinels you've got to trade for special items and weapon upgrades. In the sidequest, you have to locate a sneaky crow and recover a valuable jewel that it stole to sell back to the Merchant.

Maybe it's not too much of a surprise when every crow you kill drops a few coins—you can still hurl a hand grenade into the flock at the Quarry and walk around picking up a tidy sum of pesetas. Here, I'll explain where to find the Jewel Thief request, as well as the crow nest location in the castle so you can reclaim that stolen emerald.

Resident Evil 4 Crow nest location 

You can find the Jewel Thief blue request in chapter twelve when you emerge from underground via the lift into the little room with the gondola leading towards the Clock Tower. The poster is on the wall near the Merchant's shop.

The request asks you to look in the Courtyard for a crow responsible for stealing a jewel, but the nest is located on the roof of the building next to the Merchant's shop. If you head out of the Courtyard and turn right towards the Wine Cellar, heading past the fountain, the nest is straight ahead of you on the roof.

Another method to find it is to scare the crow above the archway when you come into the Courtyard from the Grand Hall and then just follow it back to its nest location. When you get there, shoot the nest to make it drop, and grab the scratched emerald before taking it back to the Merchant to sell. This will earn you a few ptas and get you those three Spinels for trading.

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