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Resident Evil 4 Remake Square Lock Box
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The Square Lock Boxes are just another of Resident Evil 4 Remake's many puzzles to lay your hands on priceless treasure that you'll pawn to buy ever-greater guns for blasting cultists and monsters. Similar to the Wayshrines you find throughout the village, these chests require a specific device if you want to open them up.

You'll also have to solve a little puzzle to unlock each, but that's no surprise considering Salazar's riddle-strewn castle makes the village look like a total paradise. Here's how to find the Square Lock Box key, solve the puzzle, plus all of the lock box locations I've found in the castle, and what treasure they contain.

Where to find the Cubic Device 

You can get the key to open Square Lock Boxes during chapter nine. While locating three golden animal heads to place on a chimera statue, you'll find the lion head in an armory surrounded by knights. After you've defeated them and unlocked the door out of the room, you'll find the Cubic Device in a chest in the corridor outside. Luckily, if you want to backtrack to lock boxes in previous areas, you can always take the underground carriage that's through the door next to the merchant's shop in the grand hall.  

How to open Square Lock Boxes 

You have to match the indentations on the cube to each shape (Image credit: Capcom)

These chests are slightly more complex to open than the Wayshrines in the village, but they do contain better treasure. Simply activate the box and select the Cubic Device to start the puzzle. Now, you need to match the grooves on the rim of the chest slot to the cube so it'll fit right. By rotating the device, you can check all of its faces to see which has the right shape, then manipulate it into the correct position before plugging it in to access the treasure. 

Square Lock Box locations 

The Square Lock Boxes contain some pricey treasure (Image credit: Capcom)

There are five lock boxes that can be found throughout the castle. Here's where each one is and what it contains: 

  • Entrance Hall lock box: This box is in the castle entry hall where you first meet Salazar, on the left after you head up the stairs from the merchant. Contains Justitia Statue (12,000 ptas)
  • Merchant shop lock box: This box is found in the corner of the merchant's shop in the grand hall area that's accessible during chapter nine. Contains a Butterfly Lamp (6,000 ptas)
  • Library lock box: This one is located in the knight-filled Library, at the far end, up the stairs. During chapter ten you'll be able to revisit the Library and unlock this, and this box is especially important as it contains the CQBR Assault Rifle.
  • Grand Hall lock box: Also during chapter ten, you'll be able to access this lock box by heading through the Library, up to the balcony above the Grand Hall where Ashley was at the end of chapter nine. Contains the Golden Lynx (15,000 ptas)
  • Throne Room lock box: This one can be opened during chapter twelve. Just head back to the Throne Room where you fell down the hole into the pit earlier in the story, and find it in the same area as the throne. Contains a Golden Egg (9,000 ptas)
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