[Updated] Here's the cheapest way to play Red Dead Redemption 2 for PC in Australia

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Update, November 22: Green Man Gaming is currently offering Red Dead Redemption 2 for AU$66.20.

Original story:

Roughly a year after its initial release on PS4 and Xbox One, Red Dead Redemption 2 finally comes to PC tomorrow. And it looks like it'll be worth the wait: in addition to new missions, horses, trinkets and a whole bunch of other stuff exclusive to the PC version, it'll definitely look a whole lot prettier, too.

The game will unlock at exactly midnight tonight, AEST time (check out the full unlock timetable if you're elsewhere in the world). Pre-loads are currently available on the Rockstar Games Launcher and Epic Games Store, and you'll need around 110GB space – so get deleting. As for hardware specs, here are the minimum and recommended requirements.

Prices for Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC aren't particularly variable at this stage, and who you go with will depend on whether you value a couple of bucks off the usual total, or a bunch of bonuses that come with buying it direct from the Rockstar Games Launcher. Here are the current options – let us know if you've found better.

All prices are for the Standard Edition (except where noted):

$82.75 @ Green Man Gaming
As is common, Green Man Gaming has an eight percent discount on Red Dead Redemption 2 at launch (and right now), meaning it's currently the cheapest option.

$89.95 @ Fanatical
If you pre-purchase the game at Fanatical you'll get a five percent discount, which brings the price down to $85.45.

$89.95 @ Rockstar Games Launcher
A few points to take into account if buying it direct: for this price you're getting the Special Edition rather than the Standard Edition (which is usually $120). Not only that, but you get a free Rockstar game from among GTA 3, GTA: Vice City, Max Payne 3, LA Noire, Bully: Scholarship Edition and GTA: San Andreas. In terms of bang for buck it's probably the best option.

$94.45 @ Epic Games Store
The lack of regional pricing on the Epic Games Store really puts it at a disadvantage. The above price is how much US$64.99 is in Australia right now according to Xe.com. Australians should obviously avoid buying it here.

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