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Red Bull UK is giving away packs of classic Hearthstone cards

Still haven't pulled a golden Ragnaros? Red Bull UK is giving away three free packs of classic Hearthstone cards with each specially-marked four-pack of Red Bull 5G. The process is simple: Buy the Bull, enter the code in the package and other relevant details at, then take that code, nip over to and pop it into the appropriate field. Fire up Hearthstone, click on “Open Packs,” drag your packs to the center tray, and kapow! You just scored yourself some sweet Wisp value.

There are a couple of restrictions, as is always the case: One, a maximum of 15 promotional card packs can be redeemed on a single account, which is probably just as well because Red Bull overindulgence will give you not just wings but also heart palpitations; and two, it's only available in the UK. Full details can be found here.

Red Bull 5G, by the way, is an online esports tournament supporting Rocket League, Street Fighter 5, Project Cars, League of Legends, and of course Hearthstone. Online qualifiers are open to all—information on signing up and taking part are also up at

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