Real Farm to add two DLC packs this week

In the same week Pure Farming announced mod support at launch, Soedesco's Real Farm is getting two slices of DLC. What a time to be tending a digital farm. 

As I've made clear in the past, I don't have the first clue about farming simulators—but the unbridled passion of the players who do is one of the many reasons I love videogames. And while I can't tell my Doble TTs from my Bizons and Straras, those who can might be interested in the complimentary DLC heading Real Farm's way on Friday. 

First up is the Grünes Tal Map which lets players experience the "true farming experience in lush green valleys" said to be inspired by western Europe's farming communities. Expect verdant hills and picturesque backdrops as you grow and harvest your crops. 

"The Grünes Tal Map is free for everyone who owns the game prior to March 2nd," explains the developer. "For everyone who buys the game after the DLC launch, it'll be €9,99/$9.99."

Real Farm's Potato Pack, on the other hand, is permanently free-of-charge, and marks an "indispensable" addition to the game. Spuds are one the most popular crops among farmers, so says Soedesco, and this slice of DLC brings with a number of new vehicle attachments and recreational vehicles.

Since launch last October, Real Farm appears to have received a rocky reception from Steam players. To those better-versed in the farming sim genre than I—let me know if you'll be visiting Grünes Tal in the comments below.