Farming Simulator 17 to get sugarcane farms and new tractors in 'Platinum Expansion'

Admittedly I do not know my Doble TTs from my Bizons and Straras, besides the fact that they are tractors and that they're heading to Farming Simulator 17. If you've contributed to the 'Very Positive' reviews FS17 boasts on Steam, then you probably do know the difference and are probably pretty pleased with this news. 

As part of the Platinum Expansion (or separate Platinum Edition for those who don't already own the base game), Farming Simulator 17 plans to give players "the most complete experience" by introducing sugarcane farms and a sugarcane harvester, new South American farmland complete with "unique" vegetation, a railway network, and, apparently, local cows. 

What's more, surplus to the three brands noted above, the Platinum Expansion promises Gessner Industries tractors—a series debutante—which brings the game's total number of vehicles and tools up to a stonking 275, from more than 80 different manufacturers. 

I once worked on an Australian banana farm which neighboured a sugarcane farm. And so fulfils your Useless Information About PC Gamer Writers quota for the day. 

No word on price just yet, however Farming Simulator 17's Platinum Edition, and its Platinum Expansion, are both due November 14, 2017.