Reaching for Petals is a narrative exploration game that echoes Dear Esther and Firewatch

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Reaching for Petals is a narrative-led exploration game that aims to combine "philosophical narration, poetic writing and a powerful and engaging story." In doing so, it looks to echo some well received genre similars such as Dear Esther, What Remains of Edith Finch and Firewatch. 

Crafted by indie outfit Blue Entropy Studios, Reaching for Petals marks the studio's first proper project in the wake of a string of smaller VR-driven games. Said to combine environmental puzzles with narrative decision making, here's how it looks in motion:

Pretty, isn't it? I'm admittedly a sucker for games of this ilk which means I'm already looking forward to wandering its sun-soaked world while exploring the main character's memories, each of which focuses on a "different chapter of the protagonist's life, slowly revealing the purpose behind [their] travels."

Reaching for Petals is due later this summer on Steam. Here's a handful of screens to tide you over till then.