Razer sends wireless ManO'War headset for gamers into battle

Razer ManOWar

Razer today announced the addition of a new wireless gaming headset to its growing line of audio products. It's called the ManO'War and according to Razer, it's less susceptible to interference and audio dropouts than the competition.

If that's been a problem with other wireless headsets you've tried, the ManO'War might be worth a look. It automatically scans channels on the 2.4GHz band to locate and attach to the clearest one, and uses an "advanced coding algorithm" for what Razer promises is lag-free performance.

ManOWar Performance

Through the use of multiple wireless antennas, Razer says the ManO'War has a wireless range of up to 39 feet (12 meters). If that's not enough, Razer offers an optional extension dock that boosts the wireless range to 46 feet (14 meters). Razer claims 14 hours of continuous usage on a single charge.

The ManO'War uses custom tuned 50mm Neodymium magnet drivers to deliver virtual 7.1 channel audio. They're enclosed in leatherette cushioned ear cups that cover your entire ear to help block outside noise.

There's a unidirectional digital microphone boom concealed in the left ear cup that you can pull out when needed and push back in when you're through. This too uses an optimized algorithm, in this case for more natural sounding and clear voice reproduction.

Razer didn't forget the requisite bling, which comes in the form of Chroma lighting. There are pre-loaded lighting options to choose from, or you can play around with your own schemes with 16.8 million color options. Of course this is for the benefit of others, since you won't see the headset when it's in use.

The ManO'War is intended for PCs and comes with a wireless USB transreceiver to plug into your desktop or laptop. However, Razer says it also plays nice with the PlayStation 4. Razer said it will make available a limited number of ManO'War headsets in its web store and at Best Buy on April 17. It will cost $179 (€200).

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