Razer finally just went ahead and started making 'gamer' lamps

Razer Aether Pro
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Razer, a company famous for putting RGB in just about everything, sometimes as a joke and sometimes not, finally just went and made RGB lightbulbs. Well, not just lightbulbs, but a whole new product category called "Gamer Room," a collection of Chroma RGB-infused lights "tailored to amplify every gamer's battlestation." 

The Razer Aether Lights were announced at RazerCon2023, showcasing the Aether Lamp and the Aether Lamp Pro, a pair of desk lamps—cool desk lamps with omnidirectional lighting. The Lamp Pro has multi-zone lighting and will sync with the rest of your lighting system. 

The less flashy (and cheaper) Aether Lamp is essentially the same as the Pro, except it's got single-zone lighting and lacks some of the Pro's tactile controls. 

Additionally, we've got the Aether lightbulbs as well as the Aether light strips (and light strip extender), which can be customized through Razer's new Gamer Room mobile app, as well as the improved Razer Synapse, which was also announced at RazorCon2023. 

All the lights are Matter-compatible, which is the universal smart home standard for connectivity, which means the lights work with other smart home hubs that support Matter as well as Google Home and Amazon Alexa voice support.

The Aether Lamp and Lamp Pro will retail for $80 and $130, respectively. The Aether lightbulbs cost you $50 per bulb. The footlight strip will set you back $130 (and $30 for the three-foot extender). All the Aether lights are expected to be released later this year.


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