Rainbow Six Siege Season 3 gadgets leaked: a grappling hook and a shield with a surprise

rainbow six siege next season

With Rainbow Six Siege's Operation Phantom Sight kicking off this week, we've entered the season for leaks. If a new info dump on ResetEra by reliable leaker Kormora is to be believed, the operators gadgets for Siege's Year 4 Season 3 are coming into focus.

Kormora's source shared the function of both Year 4 Season 3 operator gadgets. The attacker uses a grappling hook to quickly ascend up to windows and through hatches. We first reported this info back in April, so nothing totally new there, but it is further confirmation. The defender is a new story, though. They use a "special deployable shield" equipped with a canister that drops fire on the ground when destroyed.

The special deployable shield is consistent with how the Season 3 defender has been described to me. I've also been told the fire canister can be remotely triggered by the defender, similar to Smoke's area-denying gas canisters. It's unclear if the shield has any other unique properties or how its appearance will compare to a typical deployable shield.

Both the grappling hook and shield gadgets are also backed up by an easter egg hidden in Nøkk's concept art posted by Ubisoft (pictured above). On the chalkboard in the background, you can spot references to a grappling hook and some sort of gas canister with "BURN?" written above. Both gadgets were described to me months before this concept art was public, so the legitimacy looks increasingly solid.

Morgan Park
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