Rainbow Six Siege trailer showcases today's closed beta

Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege's closed beta starts today, and we've been throwing keys at you like confetti. You can still register on the official site for a chance to be given a beta key, but even if you've missed the boat, you can still enjoy Siege's newest trailer, which showcases the various explosions, dramatic entrances, and doors that will soon be obliterated by players.

Don't expect an entirely smooth ride if you manage to gain access to the beta, as Ubisoft explains here.

"The main objective of the Closed Beta is to test the online infrastructure & matchmaking with the largest number of players we’ve had in the game to date. Please keep in mind that while we are seeing positive results from the technical test from the last few days, you will, at times, experience some connectivity and matchmaking problems."

They go on to explain those problems in more detail, and to reveal the contents of the beta test. There will be two PvP modes to start with—Team Deathmatch: Secure Area, and Team Deathmatch: Bomb—and these will be joined by the co-op Terrorist Hunt mode tomorrow. You'll be able to play as 14 characters, on three maps playable across all three modes—one is named Hereford, really confusingly for people from the West Midlands.

The closed beta begins today at 9am Eastern time, and ends sometime on Monday, September 28.

Tom Sykes

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