Rainbow Six Siege is getting Rick and Morty and Resident Evil cosmetics, of all things

Rick and Morty Siege
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Rainbow Six Siege will feature an official collaboration with both Rick and Morty and Resident Evil sometime this year and nothing in the world makes sense anymore. Ubisoft teased the upcoming partnerships in a closed preview event for Siege's upcoming Crimson Heist season.

The first Resident Evil partnership will be a new Zofia elite skin themed after Jill Valentine's original STARS outfit. I'm not usually one for outlandish Siege outfits, but I have to admit, the Resident Evil look works. Siege art director Alex Karpazis said another RE partnership is also in the works that will be revealed later this year.

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

I get blending two videogame properties about shooting stuff with guns. What I understand significantly less is the other big partnership coming this year: Rick and Morty. Karpazis teased the collaboration with a picture of a distinctive portal from the Adult Swim comedy, but stopped short of naming the show.

"We just wanted to tease this right now and we'll have more information later in the year," said Karpazis. I shudder at the thought of a very serious Siege operator donning a Rick Sanchez wig, but if it has to happen, please give it to Sledge. 

The last collaboration that Ubi revealed is more exciting. Ikumi Nakamura, the former creative and art director for Ghostwire Tokyo who also worked on both The Evil Within games, has designed a few cosmetic bundles with some seriously spooky vibes. I spotted Nakamura makeovers for Dokkaebi, Echo, Hibana, Smoke, Thatcher, Frost, Mute, and one other operator I couldn't recognize (maybe Oryx?) in the promotional trailer.

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Ubisoft revealed a bunch of new Siege stuff during today's Crimson Heist reveal, including new attacker Flores. I went hands-on with the master thief last week and had a grand 'ol time blowing stuff up.

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