The next Rainbow Six Siege character is a hacker

Rainbow Six Siege's next update, Season Four, is due this month. Ubisoft's roadmap tells us to expect a new map, some new weapons, and three new operators. We already know about the map, the resplendent Mok Myeok Tower. Today we got the first information on one of the new characters: Dokkaebi.

The first details came from an official blog post on the Rainbow Six website that was published ahead of schedule. The post has since been removed, but a screenshot, below, was grabbed by some enterprising Redditors.

Fitting in with the Korean theme of Season Four, Grace "Dokkaebi" Nam is a member of the 707th Special Mission Battalion, a special forces unit of the country. She's teased as a cunning "future soldier," "trickster," and a master of asymmetrical warfare who "dances around firewalls" while downing energy drinks. She sounds like she'd fit in with Watch Dogs 2's cast.

We don't know Dokkaebi's abilities, but if she's a hacker, my best guess is that she's hacking other characters' stuff and turning it against them. Stealing Jäger's grenade-eating ADS turrets, or Bandit's electrifying batteries would be useful and help shake up Siege's meta a little. Destroying the static surveillance cameras that populate Siege's maps is the first thing that most players do when they spawn—what if you could take control of them instead?

But then again, not all gadgets are electronic. Can you hack a bear trap, or a poison caltrop? It's possible that Dokkaebi operates differently, but a hacker would be a natural fit at this point in Siege's lifespan. Two years in, the roster of gadgets has expanded so much that a character who specializes in tampering with other characters' toys makes sense.

Dokkaebi's weapon set is interesting, having long range or short range to pick from as a primary in the Mk 14 EBR Marksman Rifle and BOSG.12.2 shotgun, respectively. Her secondaries are two machine pistols, the C75 Auto (also seen in CS:GO) and SMG-12.

We'll learn more about Dokkaebi and the rest of Season Four during the Pro League finals this weekend, which you can watch on Read the full blog post text below:

Her fingers dance across the keyboard, the light of the LCD screen underscoring her smirk. Each line of code is a triumph building toward terminal velocity. She dances around firewalls and rewards herself with sips of her third energy drink tonight. She’s trying to cut down and four is her concession. She’s no brute force thug or clickjacker, and in the short order of a few days, she’s finally managed to get inside. With one last click, she carefully taps the [Enter] button and send the words that will either make her, or break her… ‘Hello, Rainbow Six.’

Operation White Noise brings you two new operators from the Republic of Korea and the famed 707th Special Mission Battalion. They don’t call them ‘White Tigers’ for nothing and the 707th trains Korea’s finest operators under brutal winter conditions. Among them… the cunning Dokkaebi. Before we reveal Dokkaebi’s unique abilities during the live stream, we take a look behind the scenes at Korea’s preeminent future soldier. “We wanted an operator who went against type,” says Lead Writer Lucien Soulban. “Put an assault rifle in her hand and she’s deadly, but use her special ability and the enemy team is in her crosshairs.” Nobody understands how to push the boundaries of asymmetrical warfare the way Grace “Dokkaebi” Nam can. She was always a D.I.Y. type of personality, and what she couldn’t get her hands on, she built. She joining the ROK Army’s 9th Special Forces Brigade, and her entry into the White Tigers was a rocky journey because of her tendency to irk her pragmatic superiors. Her creative thinking does not follow conventional wisdom but despite this, she’s managed to gain Rainbow Six’s attention and landed one of the coveted spots because of her skills. Grace has found a home for herself and she’s out to prove she belongs here… despite the target on her back. Grace “Dokkaebi” Nam is an attacker who represents a new breed of operators who hit their target where they aren’t expecting it. She brings the Mk 14 EBR Marksman Rifle and the BOSG.12.2 shotgun into the fight as her primary weapons and the C75 Auto and SMG-12 MPs as her secondary. What makes her even more dangerous, however, is her trickster streak, and it can get you killed. Keep checking our blog for more updates on what’s coming up and catch the action at the Pro League finals in Sao Paulo, happening November 18th and 19th on

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